The “Balay” of Your Dreams

If you want a time away from a city’s blinding lights, smoggy dull skies and the city vehicle’s deafening noise, then I suggest a trip to Balai Constancia, Carigara, Leyte.

Although it may be a long trip away from home, the weariness from your bones will instantaneously gone the moment you see Balai Constancia, in all its serenity and easy-on-the-eye-beauty.

Balai Constancia is your typical summer/farm House, a huge open house, a pool and of course a quiet environment and clean atmosphere, where you can enjoy your family’s company, but that’s not all. Balai Constancia has a lot to offer. Balai Constancia is surrounded by vast a rice fields; a perfect panoramic view that can definitely satisfy your eye’s craving for summertime landscapes.

So why get stuck in the city lazing around?

With your computer, gadgets and stuff? Doing nothing besides accumulating fat? Like eew bruh. It’s high time yo get out of the bed, and enjoy fresh once in a while! But if you really wanna be lazy, Balai Constamcia also have the perfect duyan for you! A duyan under the shade of a tree overlooking the swimming pool; the perfect provincia ala sosyal lazy style!

Now that’s perfect!

Photo Credits: @Trip the Islandsvan


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