World In A Single Island

Imagine on a journey where you are complete stranger, sounds really somewhat cool right? Yes, San Antonio, Northern Samar is waiting for you. San Antonio is bordering Dalupiri Island, just off the western coast of Samar Island at the south end of the San Bernardino Strait. If you prefer slower beaches life, white sand, clear blue water that will unquestionably mitigate and unwind your body, San Antonio is the ideal place for you.

Dalupiri Island, where the San Antonio is located, is bounded by San Bernardino Strait in the north and east, Samar Sea in the southg, and Capul Island in west. It is approximately 5 nautical miles from the Pacific Ocean. It has 28 kilometers long white sand beach around the island. The beach in San Antonio offers the best sunrise view. After watching the Sunrise, we went to the beach to see and enjoy the sand ripples.  We spent the day lying on the sand, enjoying the sun, and taking a whole lot of photos. The water is a beautiful crystal blue, with fine white sand. There is a floating cottage made by bamboos, the floating cottage looks good. We enjoyed jumping from the cottage to the water which prompted for the water to splash. After a very sumptuous dinner and a bit of drinking spree, we woke up early, took an early breakfast for our adventure slated on the day. We stayed there for 2 and a half day. We checked out and expressed our sincerest gratitude for the pleasant, warm and unforgettable stay in the resort. Truly, the best accommodation in the island.

I want to go back. I will definitely be back to beach of San Antonio, Northern Samar. I want to bring my family with me again and I’m hoping to experience swimming in there again. There’s definitely a lot to experience at San Antonio.


Adnel Gilhang


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