BAGONGON: A Shell of Paradise

Alive and tall green plants. . .

Cold and fresh breeze air. . .

Calm and serene blue sea. . .

Pure pearly white sand at the salty seashore. . .

Shiny big black stone where snoopy shells take home. . .

My island. My home.

How could I wish for a temple when I have my paradise?

Bagongon. Every time I wake up, the smell of addicting nature always wiggle my nostrils. A sweet scent of comfort and compassion fills the air.

Let me tell you a humming history.

In Bagongon, people live in normal ways.

There are no gadgets for children to fidget on. No online games and no online world. They don’t laugh of comedy movies, they smile playing on the car-free road. They don’t cry of movie drama, they tear up because sharp stones hit their sensitive knees.

Old peps don’t sit at couch all day, facing the talking screen. Here, parents hike their farms, harvest their plants in order to have something to eat for their family. Tall and green plants are alive because they fed it with deserving care.

When sun goes down in the west, I often dreamt of a raining snow because of cold and fresh breeze air gripping my skin. The moment it rose up from the east, a picturesque image of a calm and serene blue sea mirroring the vast sky relaxes my troubled heart.

When I strolls, I could find my feet brushing against the soft yet gentle texture of pure pearly white sand reigning the seashore.

One time, as I picked and held the black shining stone on my palm, a long conical shape and stripe-colored seashell caught up my attention.

Its name is Bagongon. Long ago, there are a lot of them. Thus, as days ticked by, my ancestors named my island BAGONGON. A perfect name. It is one of the seven islands of Samar that beauty remained hidden and undiscovered. Similar to its mother’s name, it is also a product of untouched character and unfading naturalism.

A paradise that never changes. This is my own version of paradise, as well as, the best place I’ve ever been. Well, there’s no place like home.

Oh, there’s no beautiful land other than the soil where you were been born.

Kim Leseguis


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